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Give No Space Or Time To Wicked Spirits, 2022

Hello to all of you outstanding people. I would like to talk about another spiritual practice that can be added to your spiritual healing and recovery journey.

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Because we are surrounded by many different types of spirits where many can be very dangerous or difficult to live with. We need to learn ways to protect our spiritual health especially if we are having relationships with people who have evil, wicked, demonic or a Cluster B type spirit.

These negative, abusive spirits can cause us to have very troubling times that can end up in very negative results.

These negative results can cause hurt, harm, pain, injury, setback, roadblocks and disaster to our mind, body, spirit and soul.

There is no reason why you should feel like you are stuck in an abusive relationship, or an abusive situation.

First getting out of an abusive situation should be a top priority and the first thing that must be done. This is required in order to maintain and to protect your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Keeping a strong focus on maintaining healthy habits is needed for good benefits for your mind, body, spirit and your soul.

Maintaining healthy habits is required every day of our life. My personal daily spiritual routines consist of meditation, prayers along with affirmations.

I learned about affirmations during my childhood years while attending Sunday school. Learning and reciting scriptures from the Bible was something that was part of my childhood years. This practice has always stuck with me especially during troubling or stressful times in my life.

No matter what type of feeling I was having I would find a scripture that I could learn or recite out loud as part of my daily affirmation routine.

Affirmations are beneficial statements that are spoken as a goal to protest against past negative attitudes, emotions, behaviors or thinking.

Affirmations can be done during meditation time to help you with having deep awareness of your words. It can also place peace in your spirit.

I deserve to be treated with respect. I am grateful for my life. Nothing can stop me from being happy. Jesus loves me. God is with me.

Until next time to all of you outstanding people from my kind spirit to your kind spirit I leave you with one of my affirmations that is a scripture from the Book of Ephesians

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Chapter 4 verse 27

And give no opportunity to the devil.

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