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Gas-lighting Is A Form Of Brainwashing.

Hello Everyone,

I am excited about the progress of my self-care activities.

I suggested in a previous video that we should do a daily Self-Care Challenge for July.

The purpose of putting self-care in your everyday activities is to restore or to maintain your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health, and to build up your strength.

Self-Care is a must if you are in recovery from being victimized by abusers.

Yesterday my self-care activities consist of having low calories meals throughout the day.

Gas-lighting Is A Form Of Mental Brainwashing

I have to tell myself every day to stop eating to a point where my stomach gets full and bloated. I went out and did some light shopping and walking at Walmart. I like to walk around shopping areas to get in some exercise.

I hope everybody has been able to add self-care activities into your day.

In this video, I want to discuss one of the main weapons that a toxic abuser will use against their targets and that is called gas-lighting.

I want to share with you the behaviors of being gaslight by an abuser. It is a type of emotional, mental, and spiritual abuse. It is also a form of brainwashing.

The main thing to look for from being gas-lighted is facts and truths are being withheld and replaced with false information and constant pathological lies.

Gas-lighting is a very convincing slight or a subtle change or switching of the facts and the truth or a MAJOR recreation of the facts and the truth.

It is such a cruel, vicious, malicious, and very destructive weapon that an abuser will use mainly to cause devastation and deterioration to your mental health and your mental wellness. This weapon is used to make you feel confused and disoriented.

They will give you the wrong information to confuse you. They will purposely cause you confusion to cause you to feel weak. They will never admit that they said something even if you have proof of what they said.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Their words and their actions do not match.

They will tell very obvious lies. You will receive false information constantly and on purpose.

The toxic abusers will tell you that what you are seeing you are not seeing.

The abusers will tell you that what you did not see you did see.

The abusers will tell you that what you are hearing you are not hearing.

The abusers will tell you that what you did not hear you did hear it.

The abusers will tell you that what you did not say you did say.

The abusers will tell you what you did say you did not say.

So now that we are more familiar with a very powerful, abusive, and the major emotional damaging weapon being used by an abuser you need to know what to do if this is happening to you.

Advise your abuser that you are no longer interested in having a conversation with them.

Face the truth of what is happening against your health and your well-being. Put aside titles. Relationship titles make it hard to understand that this person no matter what title they hold in your life is abusing you.

Recognize they are purposely abusing your mind, your heart, your spirit, and your soul. Recognize that you are not involved in a healthy two-sided relationship.

Recognize that your abusers do not have empathy or a soul and they are trying to gaslight the destruction of your beautiful soul.

You should not continue to be in an abusive position with this abusive person, immediately put yourself first and remove the words hopeful, wishful, longing, want, and like from your heart, emotions, and mind.

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

To protect yourself from any further mental, emotional, spiritual damaging doses of gas-lighting pull out your weapon of defiant, scriptures, boldness, rebellion, and aggressiveness. Put on the whole armor of God so that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.

Start to set up an immediate detachment and exit plan. If you are being gas-lighted repeatedly consistently over and over again then no contact is in order.

If the abuse has been going on without any changes despite your defiance for an extended period it's time to add no contact to the relationship.

If you are not able to take any more pain, sadness, and agony because of the abusive treatments it's time to add no contact to the relationship.

If having a continued relationship and interactions with this person will only lead to more abuse it's time to add no contact to the relationship.

If you are at a point of understanding that the only way to protect yourself is to remove yourself from the abusive treatments then it's time to add no contact to the relationship.

Image by My pictures are CC0. When doing composings: from Pixabay

The only way to stop the abusive treatment that you are receiving is to bow out and choose your life, health, love, and peace. It's time to let go and start building a wall between you and the abusers that will last until thy kingdom come.

Everything that is going on in their life ups, downs, good, bad, joy, sorrow, success, failures along with their fate will all take place on the other side of this wall. And you will no longer be aware of, nor care that those experiences and activities took place.

They are not sorry for abusing you. They are not sorry for showing you no compassion or no empathy. They are not sorry for causing you pain and suffering. They are not sorry for covering you with unlimited amounts of gas-lighting.

The healing and recovery journey is all about no longer focusing on the abusers and completely focusing on building and maintaining a healthy happy life for yourself.

Don't forget your self-care activities today and until next time I leave you with a quote,

Life is like a book, some chapters are sad, some are happy, some are exciting, but if you never turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter has in store for you.

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