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Emotional Abuse IS as Hurtful As Physical Abuse.

Hello Everyone,

How is everyone doing with your Self-Care, Self-Love activities?

I am happy that I have been able to be good about not pigging out on some great tasting food.

I was tempted today when I drove by Publix Shopping Center. #drove

I almost stopped to get one of their best large Ultimate Sub sandwiches.

Instead, I was strong enough to get home and make a nice chef salad.

Later on in the day just before the sun went down I got out in the yard and mowed the grass for about 30 minutes.

Breaking out in a sweat felt like I made progress on my self-care weight loss journey.

Don't be shy about doing what you think you need to do to help you with your self-care activities.

Do activities that will make you feel happy after you finish. #happy

In this video, I will be discussing how emotional abuse is just as harmful as physical abuse.

Every time he or she disapproves and bash you they are punching you in your nose.

Every time he or she embarrass you in front of your children, family, or friends they are kicking you in the knees. #family

Every time he or she is giving you the cold-shoulder or ignore your feelings and your viewpoints they are choking your neck.

Every time he or she is gas-lighting you they are hitting you with a belt.

Every time he or she is jumping on you about money they are kicking you down the stairs.

Every time he or she is harassing you until you give in to their demands they are backhanding you on top of your head.

Every time he or she is making threats they are giving you a black eye.

Every time you are being forced and pressured into having sex they are punching you to cause a broken bone.

Every time he or she is raging with an opinion they are giving you a split lip.

Every time he or she is judging you, you just received a broken tooth.

Every time he or she resist you or delay you they are showing you who is in charge.

Every time he or she isolates you from your family and your friends they are stabbing you while you are on the ground. #family

Every time he or she accuses you of something you did not do they are cutting you with a knife.

Every time he or she bad-mouth you or despise you they are swinging a baseball bat at you.

Every time he or she is telling you pathological lies they are knocking your head up against the wall. #baseball

Image by Public Domain Pictures from Pixabay

Every time he or she scares and frightens you they are punching the wind out of you.

Every time he or she examines and grills you they are standing on your neck.

Every time he or she doesn't remember history to put you in the wrong they are raping you.

Every time he or she is cold towards you they are hitting you in the eye.

Every time he or she tells you that no one will ever love you as they love you, they slapped you completely out cold.

It is shocking the level of hurt, harm, and pain a person can cause. #harm

The difference between emotional and physical abuse is emotional abuse will leave marks on your heart that can't be seen and physical abuse will leave marks everyone can see.

The dark truth about emotional abuse is that it is for the narcissist supply and fuel that the narcissist requires. #narcissist

They feel more powerful knowing that you are getting irritated. They feel more powerful when you are feeling annoyed.

Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

They feel very powerful when they hear your voice has risen and gotten louder. They feel very powerful when they see you are overcome by tears of frustration.

It is so important to have a better understanding of the true nature, spirit, mind, heart, and soul of the abusers. #heart

It will help you to better guard and protect yourself from hurt, harm, and pain.

When you remember what narcissist supply or narcissist fuel is then you will be able to see if you are in harm's way very quickly.

A Narcissist or a Toxic Abuser will not be able to survive without their fuel or their supply.

Their supply is your pain, your suffering, your discomfort, your agony, your struggles, your screams, your irritations, your setbacks, your failures, your confusion, how you are constantly explaining yourself over and over again. #pain

The only change a Narcissist or a Toxic Abuser will ever make is their mask and their victims.

Choosing to be in a relationship that will provide you with happiness, love, and safety is the way to go. #happy

Being in a tense, scary, abusive relationship with a toxic or a narcissist person is not healthy or safe.

Always keep in mind that a person who is experiencing emotional abuse will have wounds on their heart and scars on their souls which are not noticed on the body but can be much more painful than anything that bleeds.

Until next time I leave you with a quote,

If God shuts a door, stop banging on it, trust that whatever is behind that door is not meant for you. #door

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