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Don't Get Hung Up On Titles That A Person Has.

Hello To Everyone,

I would like to discuss my viewpoint about a video titled "Narcissism hurts you when you're already hurting".

It was published on August 26, 2019, by Kevin the creator of the Royal We You-Tube Channel.

Kevin does an amazing job of shining the light on the works of darkness. His You-Tube Channel is one of my stops while traveling on my healing and recovery journey.

Please click on the link below to view this comforting video in full.

I sometimes am amazed when I hear other people speak about being abused by the Narcissist.

I am in total disbelief while listening to other people who are expressing their emotions about their experiences with abusive people.

Why do their story sound so similar to my story?

I listen and I had no idea that I was not the only one that had shocking experiences mostly because of the Narcissist that has been causing so much pain and suffering.

It's refreshing knowing that I am not the only one but someone else can speak on the same abusive issues that I have been trying to deal with.

Although I would not wish for no one to be abused by any type of abusive person.

There should never be an acceptable reason for swallowing being abused.

The most shocking issue that I have to complain about is how the abusive toxic person has no empathy or words of comfort when they know and can see that you are hurting or having a hard time.

Believe it or not but they feel good when you feel bad.

This is a very loud explosive alarm that should never be ignored.

Never ignore someone who is abusing you when you are feeling hurt.

I am just recently coming into awareness about the seriousness of mental health issues.

I have been around mental health problems all of my life. People who need mental health care are ignoring and avoiding getting the mental health care they need.

If you are going through a crisis or dealing with something that is causing you to feel distressed then you can rest assure that the toxic abuser in your life will not be the one to provide you with any comfort or tender loving care.

It is just not in them.

It is so hard to face the truth about the toxic abusers, they will attack you if you are already feeling down. They are known to be verbal abusers. They are known to be violators of your privacy.

I have been experiencing a stalking abusive Narcissist Occult. They are known to be stalking violators of a person's private space.

What is ugly about this Narcissist Occult is they have been using Religion as a cover-up to hide their true identity as Narcissist Cluster B Stalking Abusers.

They work for Satan's Kingdom of Darkness and Abuse and they are posing as Bishops, Pastors and Religious Leaders for God's Kingdom of the Light.

When I was looking for help in trying to stop the Stalking attacks that were happening against my life I received a referral from the local Police Department to go to a Church for help.

Jesus, Help me, Lord.

I went to the church that the Police Department. told me about for help and landed right in the middle of the Kingdom of Hell, Deception, Madness, Insanity, Darkness, Corruption, Robbery, Gaslighting, Perversion, and Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Abuse.

And it's really bad what this Narcissist Stalking Occult are doing, will do, and have been doing to God's people.

I can not stress how important it is to not let anyone to consistently hurt and abuse you over and over again.

I know personally how hard it is to accept being abused by people in your family unit who based on the definition of a family they are supposed to show you kindness, love, patience, support, and value.

It is very hard to let go of family members that you are expecting to treat you with respect.

But you have to protect yourself from all hurt, harm, and pain. And don't get hung up on titles that a person has.

Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Uncle, Aunt, Husband, Wife, In-laws, Pastor, Boss, Friend, Co-Worker, Grand people don't mean anything if they are abusing you.

Put the title aside and just look, listen, and feel what that abusive person is doing to you.

If you are feeling distressed, sad, trouble, uncomfortable, annoyed, irritated, or upset being around a person that has abused you or has caused you pain then chances are you should do yourself a favor and put a stop to that relationship for the good of your life and the good of your health.

I am sending out a big Thank You to Kevin the voice behind this video titled "Narcissism hurts you when you're already hurting." I am sure you have touched many on this topic about being hurt by the Narcissist when you are already hurting.

I wish you all the best and I leave you with a quote.

Give the gift of your absence to those who do not appreciate your presence.

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