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Life With The Narcissist

Hello Every One,

I hope all is well. I am happy that I was able to stay on my self-care track by having a healthy dinner.

I know that planning my food intake will help me to stay on track and not be tempted to grab junk foods or even to overeat which is what I enjoy doing the most.

I figured if I have a desire to overeat I should plan on overeating healthy foods instead of junk foods. Lord knows that I love me some great tasting foods.

I know that every day I have to plan on putting some type of self-care and self-love into my day.

I mowed the lawn again today for about 30 minutes and got to do a lot of sweating.

My understanding is that sweating can release a hormone called endorphins which are considered to be mood enhancers.

Sweating also helps to flush out toxins in the skin causing your skin to look and feel great. #skin

Also, sweating can help you to lose water weight. Which sounds like self-care to me.

I want to discuss in this video what life looks like being in a relationship with a Narcissist or a Toxic Abusive person.

I have been investigating, researching, studying, learning, questioning, and educating myself for over ten years about toxic abusive people.

Why? Well because I discovered over ten years ago a Jim Jones Cluster B Narcissist Stalking Religious Occult in my parent's hometown of Oxford, North Carolina.

The Occult Puppet Masters are big-time church Bishops and the Occult founder of this Narcissist Stalking Occult is a retired Funeral Home Director and Loan Shark.

This Occult has been in operations for well over 40 years. It has been very heartbreaking learning about the destruction that this Occult has done to so many of God's people for so many years.

Anyway, what I have learned is the Narcissist will never apologize for abusing you.

They will never confess to any wrongdoing.

But what they will do is come up with reasons as to why you deserve to be abused.

They will bend and twist the truth while they are gas-lighting you.

They are an expert at keeping steady streams of turmoil and drama.

Trying to reason with the Narcissist about their abusive behaviors will set them off to wanting More, pain, more suffering more drama. #drama

Don't expect a Narcissist to ever be able to recover, repair, heal, or be rehabilitated from their mental health issues.

Being in a relationship with a Toxic person or a Narcissist you can expect to be molded and nurtured into accepting the abuse that they so enjoy dishing out.

They can get their prey to accept the abuse because they are using slow, sneaking, and tricky approach. #slow

The toxic abusers and Narcissists know that their prey will not automatically go along with the abuse. So they have to use a subtle type of control and manipulation that is confusing to their prey. #control

While living your life with the Toxic person or Narcissist be prepared to be set up for a fight with another person. #fight

They just love listening and sitting back to be entertained by watching people get into fights because of the mess, turmoil, and utter confusion that they have created.

Keep in mind while living your life with the Toxic person or Narcissist that they will have a fit of anger, hate, fury because of the happiness, achievements, and favorable outcome of their prey because they feel entitled to your joyful life. #life

While living your life with the Toxic person or Narcissist or even Hanging around the abusive toxic person or narcissist expect to receive a heavy dose of their bitter toxins from their attitudes, their behaviors, their opinions, their mood, their rage, and their reactions.

Because you are receiving their poisons into your life, this can cause you to become sick, dysfunctional, and unhealthy just like them.

While living your life with the Toxic person or Narcissist expect to live by two different sets of rules.

Rule number one, You must be the one who says you are sorry because the abusers are never sorry.

Rule number two, You must do whatever they say, because the abusers can do whatever they want.

Rule number three, You have to keep your feelings to yourself never speak about your feelings. because the abusers can feel and say whatever they want.

Rule number four, You can never say anything negative to them or say anything bad about them, because the abusers can say anything good or bad any time they feel like it.

Rule number five, You must respect them at all times, because the abusers seem to think that it is totally fine to disrespect you.

The reason why there are two separate and different sets of rules that the Toxic abusers or the Narcissist understand is that they are not able to survive without having their Narcissist fuel or supply.

They are always focused on their programs and not on what you are wanting, needing, thinking, or doing.

If you can remember what the main goals of the narcissist is all about then you will be able to better understand why you are being treated like garbage.

A Narcissist or a Toxic Abuser can not survive without fuel or supply.

This can be anything good or bad. #good

Because the abusers are extremely uptight, and troubled, your tears, your frustrations, your attention, awards, recognition, standing ovations, your suffering, your pain are what keeps them alive. #awards

If you are in a relationship and living your life with the Narcissist or the Toxic Abusers it is so important to not be shy or hesitant about adding self-care activities to your day.

Until next time I leave you with a quote,

Once you start laughing you start healing.

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