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Despise What Is Evil, Rageful & Abusive, 2022.

Hi everyone, I am Debra and I feel the importance of providing tips as often as I can in order to help support those who are being abused by cruel, evil, angry, and wicked creatures from hell.

We all should realize that a person who is not able to show empathy, understanding, compassion, warmth, or even to provide good vibrations to another person usually has some sort of Cluster B personality disorder.

The nature, character, personality, features, and traits of a person who has a Cluster B personality disorder and or who is under the influence of a negative evil spirit from Hell are anger and rage.

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Anger and Rage are the two key personality types a toxic, abusive Cluster B personality disorder will have. It is part of their nature and who they are.

A person who is unable to interact with other people using the fruits of God’s spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control usually is under the control and manipulations of negative energies and demonic sources from hell.

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But there comes a time when you should not be using the fruits of God’s spirit. There comes a point where you should not provide a person with compassion, warmth, understanding, empathy, or sympathy.

Giving compassion to the wrong person, at the wrong place, and at the wrong time can cause you pain, suffering, and injuries. It can cause you to be to under attack.

It can cause you to become an enabler to the psychopath abuser. It can cause you to look like a supporter or even a flying monkey for the toxic, abusive demonic psychopath person.

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Do not use empathy toward a person who is being abusive to you. Do not use sympathy in order to tolerate a person's wicked behaviors. Do not use understanding to try to stop the anger and the rage that is happening against you. Do not use love towards a person who is raging or showing anger towards you. This can be a terrible and a very disturbing mistake.

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Loving a person, being kind and compassionate with a person, and giving them hugs, kisses and sex is not the solution to getting that person to stop being cruel, evil, mean, abusive, nasty, rageful, and straight out vicious.

Empathy, sympathy, understanding, warmth, and compassion are used in order to provide a harmless person with assistance. Empathy is Used to provide a sad person with comfort. Empathy is Used to provide a lost person with guidance. Compassion is Used to provide a homeless or a hungry person with relief.

Empathy is used to provide kind and loving people with support, advice, and service. Empathy is Used to provide help to people who are not evil, cruel, abusive, or heartless. Compassion is Used to express your feelings in order to help, assist, or benefit another person.

I leave you sincere people with a scripture from the book of Romans Chapter 12 verse 9 helpful votes

Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.

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