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Coverup Abuse, 2022

Hi, Everyone my name is Debra and I am an abuse survivor. Abuse can be traumatizing, cruel, and vicious. It is important for me to do whatever I can to help provide support and guidance for abuse victims especially if they are on a wonderful path towards healing, restoration and recovery.

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An abusive person is a type of person who wants to cause pain, suffering, trauma, upon another person.

In many cases, an abusive person feels a sense of delight, pleasure and satisfaction in causing and or watching a person who is struggling, who is impaired, who is suffering, who has been wounded, who is deteriorating, who is hurting.

Abuse involves a violation of a person’s expectations. It involves a crime being done against a person’s confidence. Abuse involves a person’s being attacked and injured physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

You all need to know that a person who is claiming to be a representative for God’s House of Worship and for God’s people is held to a higher standard. God’s people have a standard that they should have no problems being able to provide an abuse victim with respect and tender loving care.

A person claiming to be in support of our father God in heaven, in support of the ministry of Jesus Christ, in support of God’s people should not be more concern in protecting and coverup for the evil, wicked and cruel abuser and not have a drop of concern, support, love or care for the abuse victim.

Because of my own personal experience as a former abuse victim who is on a lifelong healing and recovery journey, this is a subject that I have been struggling with and will continue to struggle with.

I know for a fact based on my own personal experience that their many Church leaders and Church folks who are in a coverup mode for the Demonic and Cluster B abusers and have no problems kicking the abuse victim to the curb.

There is something very seriously wrong with our society today when an abused victim can not receive any love, kindness, respect, care, concern, support, or a shoulder to cry on from a representative or even a church member of our Father’s God House of worship.

I leave you fantastic people with scriptures

From the book of John chapter 13 verse 35

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

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