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Corruption Is the (Mindset) For Narcissist Abuse, 2020.

You will find that corruption is very easy for people who are not able to show empathy due to having personality types like the Narcissist, the Sociopath, the Psychopath, the Toxic Narcissist Abusers.

Corruption can be located and positioned in any area of life.

It can be found in our School System, our Government, our Television Shows, our News Reports, our Corporations, our Religious Organizations, our Health Care Providers, our Sporting Arenas, just about anywhere.

We as a society have a God given right to know who, where, when, how, why about our Government, our School System, our Religious organization, our Voting system, that is supposed to be working for us.

This legal corruption system is not good for We The People but it’s a gold mine for the politicians who have become very wealthy being able to add corrupt lobby money on top of their government salary.

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by Peter Schweizer (Author)

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