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Commentary About Lisa Haven's You-Tube Video 11-5-2020

Empathy is an emotion that is inborn and it is a learned skill that is created by our connective wiring when we are born. It is also based on how empathy has been developed from our own environment and life experiences.

The swamp is wanting to usher into this Nation Socialism, Communism, and the Marxism doctrines or mindset, principles, thinking and ideas. Each of these systems are different but they are under the same umbrella. They are built to work together.

It would be hard to believe that this Nation would be willing to transition from a capitalist country to more of a Socialist, Communist, Marxist country.

Lisa Haven You-Tube Channel

Tucker Carlson Sounds The Alarm! Election Meddling Powder Keg & Somethings WRONG In Arizona!

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