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Chanting Will Raise A Strong Vibration To The Heavens, 2022.

Hi everyone, I am Debra and I a person who loves and support God also known as Jesus Christ our Father in Heaven. I am also a person who speak out against all types of abusive and toxic spirits.

As part of my lifelong healing and recovery journey from Demonic abuse also known as Narcissist, Cluster B, Sociopath and Psychopath abuse, I do what I can to provide much needed support for those who are in pain.

I know first hand how important it is to provide comfort and support, for those who are healing and in recovery from abuse.

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I am on a mission to reach out to as many people that I can in order to introduce, promote and try to encourage the benefits of healing and recovery from toxic hellious spirits from hell.

I have found that chanting as part of my daily spiritual routine will help to remove a person out of the darkness and into the divine and angelic lights that are shining brightly from heaven.

The light from our Father’s Kingdom in the heavens above will shine bright in order to stop the spiritual ignorance that is happening all around us and that is keeping us from having an abundant life.

I constantly see clearly the terrible suffering many are dealing with from the painful and dreadful effects of being abused by evil creatures from the pits of hell.

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So many of God’s people are as blind as a bat, having no type of healthy vision, having not a drop of discernment.

So many of God’s people are in love with, are embracing and are in support of all types of evil, wicked, abusive spirits from the pits of hell.

So many of God’s people don’t realize that opening up their life, showing support, and embracing abusive spirits from hell will cause our Father God to turn away.

Without having any type of healthy spiritual routine, practices, morals, standards, in place on a daily basis God’s people will continue to suffer from, be in pain, and deteriorate from unnecessary hardship, misfortune, and enormous levels of holy mess.

Chanting help to prevent our Father in Heaven from turning away from us. Chanting helps to raise a strong and powerful spiritual vibration so that we can become instantly connected to our Father heavenly kingdom and the divine angels in Heaven.

I made a decision to follow Jesus, I made a decision to embrace Almighty, I made a decision to worship Yahweh, I made a decision to praise our God. I made a promise to honor our Lord Savior,

No turning back, no change of mind, no change of heart, no selling my soul.

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