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It Is Impossible Not To Be Angry.

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I am doing a commentary about a topic from the Royal We You-Tube Channel. The title of this video is:

Tips to help you heal from toxic relationships. This was published on 6-15-2020.

Please copy and paste on the link below to watch the full video.

You are very good at explaining the steps of healing from abusive situations. Thank You for your words of inspiration. Healing from being exposed to toxic relationships can be very challenging.

The worst challenge is facing the ugly truth about toxic family members. It is impossible not to be angry about being abused, hurt, injured, damaged, threats of pain and suffering, and any other negative attacks against our well-being.

The meaning and the mission of being a part of a family is to care about, support, nurture, guard, manage, look after, take care of, preserve the well-being of the members of the family unit.

When a person is part of a family unit and that family unit is abusing that person then this can be very damaging to that person's inner and outer world. It is impossible not to be angry for being involved in a toxic family unit.

I agree with you on everything that you are saying. I want to know "Why did they hurt us the way that they did"? "Why did they sell us out to the devil"? "Why did they become Flying Monkeys for a Secret Covert Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath, Stalking Religious Jim Jones, Harry Potter Witchcraft Occult here in Oxford, North Carolina?

You have to acknowledge the anger. I am angry that this Jim Jones Religious Occult is still in operation today. I am angry that the False Prophet Counterfeit Bishop/and Pastors are still being Puppet Masters against the well-being of God's people. I am angry that no one in this Nation that is supposed to under the rule of God is willing to stop the abuse and the violence coming from this Kill, Steal and Destroy witchcraft Occult.

I am angry that The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag is a total lie. This Nation is supposed to be under God. This Nation is supposed to be indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

This United States of America is under the control of people who are very unhealthy that require total restoration of their mind, body, spirit, and soul. It is so obvious that the people that are in control of the United States of America have all types of Cluster B personalities, the Narcissist, the Sociopath, the Psychopath, the Borderline, the Antisocial or they are just toxic abusive people.

I am angry that the pledge of allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America is nothing but a trick, a prank, a hoax, a gimmick, a fabrication, a joke against the mind, heart, spirit, and soul of God's people.

There is no way that this one Nation is under God and we got an Autistic

Cluster B Malignant Narcissist False Prophet Counterfeit Bishop/and Pastors Jim Jones Stalking Religious Pulpit Demons that have total control of the well-being of God's people and is untouchable, lawless, reckless, chaotic, evil, wild and ungoverned.

Dear Father in Heaven,

We pray for your angels to take retaliation on the ungodly to fight against the pain and suffering of abuse. We reject every spirit of mental defect and sickness. We cover this Nation with the blood of Jesus. We dismantle every satanic plan that is against our well-being.