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The Narcissist Loves To Play Mind Games.

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Below you will find a link for a You-Tube Video by Dr. Carver from Surviving Narcissism. This article is my commentary about a video that is on the Surviving Narcissism You-Tube Channel. Dr. Carver does a great job of providing tips on how to manage your life trying to deal with the Narcissist. (#article)

Please copy and paste the link below to view the full video titled: 7 Confusion Games Narcissists Love To Play. Create a blog post subtitle that summarizes your post in a few short, punchy sentences and entices your audience to continue reading.

Image bykalhh from Pixabay

Dr. Carver playing the confusion game is a very good indicator that a person has run across a Narcissist or a toxic personality type person. I appreciated how at the end of your video you state that "These Narcissists don't want to be held accountable. (#game) (#run)

These Narcissist have no desire to play fair. These Narcissists have no desire to be genuine. These Narcissists have no desire to apologize. These Narcissists have no desire to adjust. These Narcissists have no desire to build bridges. These Narcissists have no desire to blend. These Narcissists have no desire to learn from you.
Your these Narcissists statements are honest and brilliant. (#bridges)

Now I have got to share my These Narcissists statements.

These Narcissists treat people very poorly. These Narcissists treat people with disrespect. These Narcissists have no compassion or empathy for a person. These Narcissists have trouble feeling happy for a person. These Narcissists have troubled souls.

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

It's very sad how the Mind Games that the Narcissist play against their victims are designed by using confusion, guilt, and doubt to cause a person to question reality and their sanity. To save your mental and emotional health, you have got to find an exit strategy.

Being exposed to the abusive mind games there is an overwhelming concern for security and protection from being harmed emotionally and mentally by a disturbed troubled and abusive Narcissist.

I have been in a constant battle against a Secret Covert Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath, Stalking Religious Jim Jones, Harry Potter Witchcraft Occult here in Oxford, North Carolina. They are untouchable, corrupt, evil, wicked, mean, and abusive.

The mind games that I have been troubled by the False Prophet Counterfeit Pulpit Demons who are the Puppet Masters of this Occult are how they use people that I know as Flying Monkeys.

This is the most abusive mind games a Narcissist can play against their hostage. (#hostage)

Image by Christian Dorn from Pixabay

I will always be amazed at how any person that is representing themselves as servants for our Father in Heaven could work for Satan's kingdom of darkness and deception by playing abusive mind games for the sole purpose of destruction, suffering, pain, and abuse.