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(Alarming) Warnings You May Be Miserable Due To Narcissist Abuse 2020.

I will be discussing several reasons why you may be dealing with Narcissist abuse. A major sign, warning or red flag that you are feeling miserable due to Narcissistic abuse is due to a devastating feeling of sadness.

Are you constantly feeling sadness, unhappiness, heartaches,the blues or gloominess? Being in a Narcissist abusive situation will have you feeling extreme weakness and almost completely destroyed. Are you in a relationship with someone who makes you feel like you don’t exist, like you are a nobody?

It’s the way they behave around you like you are a reject, you are being ignored, and despised.

The feelings of sadness is mostly due to knowing that we are living with or around people who are so abusive.

The sadness is knowing that the Narcissist doesn't care about anyone. The sadness is knowing that the Narcissist doesn’t have any love for anybody. The sadness is knowing that your life has been invaded by a Narcissist abuser.

Hello everyone,

My name is Debra and I am a self-care promoter and an anti-abuse supporter. I keep no secrets about being a narcissist abuse survivor and thriver.

I have been researching, studying, reading, learning and praying daily over the past decade all about detailed information pertaining to the personalities of the abusive Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, and other toxic personality behaviors and types of abusers.

We all are born into a world that is filled with the abusive Cluster B personality types everywhere.


there is nowhere to go to escape this epidemic of toxic abusive personalities. You just learn to do the best that you can to live on this earth with toxic abusive personalities.

Getting back to the alarming warnings that you are miserable because of Narcissist Abuse.

You will notice a major warning sign that Narcissist Abuse is present is constant feelings of sadness. There are so many levels of sadness. Sad because we are living in a world that is creating Narcissist abusive people.

Sad because everybody is suffering because of these horrible, terrifying, dangerous and abusive manipulative personalities and behaviors.

At this point I would like to share with you a video by a very popular You-Tube Channel called Psych2Go.

The title of the video is 8 Signs You Are Dealing with Narcissistic Abuse.

Click on the link below to watch this video.

This channel has close to 4 million subscribers and their video does a good job at making their video presentations more on the fun and silly side.

Another warning is feeling extremely tired.

Being miserable from Narcissists abuse will cause your mind, your heart, your spirit, your emotions, your body will feel drained, weak, worn out, weary.

Another warning is feeling disoriented, off track, feeling like you have been misplaced.

Narcissist abuse will make you feel miserable because of being isolated, secluded, abandoned. The abusers will monitor and supervise the victims movement in order to prevent the truth about the abuse that is going on. They do not want anyone to know about their true abusive personality.

They specialize in the divide and conquer method. The purpose of this abusive method is not just to promote isolation but to instigate fighting and disagreements. They want to avoid being discovered for their true evil and wicked spirits.

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You are regularly embarrassed, confused, puzzled, and led astray.

This is because of the Narcissist weapon called gas-lighting.

Compulsive and pathological lies are told to keep you off-balance and confused.

What they are saying does not line up with what they are doing.

Are you feeling depressed, nervousness, tension, worry, concerned, distress, watchfulness? These are warnings that your feelings of miseries are due to Narcissist abuse.

Are you having trouble doing everyday tasks? Are you trying to deal with mental and physical pressure from being in a stressful relationship with the Narcissist?

Are you having physical problems like headaches, irritability, low to no energy, being tired most of the time?

Are you feeling misery from having a different point of view or your judgment and interest is different and you end up facing anger, rage, and manipulation?

In order to keep things calm and peaceful are you going along with everything despite what you are truly feeling or despite what you want?

Pay attention to the warnings and your true feelings. Don’t push your true feelings to the side. You will know that something is wrong with the way you are feeling.

The abusers have a way of making you feel like you don’t matter. They will make you feel like you are low and you have no value.

Being emotionally, spiritually, and mentally abused can be very damaging, dangerous, and deadly to the life and health of your mind, body, spirit, and soul.

It can cause some very serious mental and physical illnesses like depression, ulcers, and anxiety. It can be disabling and a handicap to a person’s daily activities, business and affairs.

Many people who are miserable and not realizing that they are involved with a Narcissist abuser may consider suicide.

The Narcissist abusers are capable of killing, stealing and destroying a person’s confidence, dignity, spirit, morale, life, well-being and heart.

This abusive behavior should be considered illegal because it can lead to a slow and distressing, tormenting and painful death. There should never be a time in any situation where this manipulative abusive behavior is allowed and acceptable.

In Essence

Self-care is not about being selfish. Self-care is all about doing what is necessary for you to maintain and keep meeting your needs for you to feel great at all times.

Self-care is what we all should be thinking about and doing every hour of every day.

There are several different categories for self-care activities.

But the basis that we all should be paying attention to in order to stay at that great feeling level would be, Self-care for the body, Self-care for the emotions, Self-care for the spirit, Self-care for personal space, Self-care for socialization, Self-care for personal affairs, self-care for finances, Self-care for work.

To make it even easier for you to put together a self-care plan for yourself, think of activities that will make your mind, body, spirit, and soul feel great.

In Closing

Thank You all for your time today and I hope this message added to your understanding and knowledge and provide you with more light about the abusive and toxic relationships.

In this video about,

Alarming Warnings You May Be Miserable Due To Narcissist Abuse,

were you able to understand what can be recognized as Narcissist abuse?

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Now I want to turn it over to you. Did you get a chance to check out the recommended video titled 8 Signs You Are Dealing with Narcissistic Abuse? Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Finally, I leave you with a message,

The corruption, injustice and abuse has been progressing, has been happening over and over again, has been constant and consistent, and has been spread out for over many years and even decades.

This leads to understanding, awareness, remembering, and acknowledging that any interaction of any nature will only develop and produce more corruption, more injustice and abuse.

I have concluded that I plain and clearly can not and will not take any more pain and suffering.

Their corruption, injustice and abuse is over and above my control.

I have discerned, figured out, and accepted that the only thing that I can control in order to guard myself against any further harm, pain, and suffering, is to eliminate me, myself and I, from it.

Until next time,

Make self-care a top priority for your life today and always.

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