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Abusive Relationships Can Be Detrimental To Your Life, August 2022.

Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus set the captive free Dear Lord, set the captives free.

Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus set the captive free Dear Lord, set the captives free.

Hello to you all, my name is Debra and I am a person who is totally against abuse.

Chanting to our Father God in heaven helps us to get connected with our Father's heavenly kingdom. Chanting helps the fire of the Holy Spirit to clean out and destroy evil spirits. Chanting helps to get attention, solutions, and responses from our Father in Heaven.

We must always remember to stay on top of our spiritual daily practice. This is for our health, our safety, and our overall well-being. A person not interested in daily spiritual practice is preventing themselves from receiving safety and protection from our Father God in Heaven. Spiritual practice will also help us to have constant happiness and bliss in our life.

Our society is filled with negative evil abusive spirits that have caused many of God’s people to become abused, demon-possessed, and under vicious attacks.

These evil spirits from hell are causing numerous medical, physical, emotional, and psychological problems. Because of the abusive spirit, our society is not aware or awakened to the reality that a large percentage of many abusive problems that we are having are coming from the spiritual realm.

We all must be aware of how to recognize a person who is possessed by negative energies, which is a spiritual problem that requires consistent spiritual practice like praying, chanting, exercising, healthy food intake, embracing God’s words from the Bible, and reading inspirational books.

The description that will help you to be aware of an abusive demonic spirit will also describe a person who has psychological, emotional, and medical problems that are referred to as personality disorders such as narcissist, sociopath, or psychopath.

They will

Mistreat Other People

Take Advantage of Other People

They are constantly giving out false information.

They are crooked con artist

They have a wicked, mean, nasty, cruel, abusive spirit.

They are very devious, always scheming, and manipulative.

They tend to abuse drugs and or alcohol.

They are not able to feel empathy, compassion, grief, or sympathy.

They are not able to feel sorrow, shame, anguish, or remorse.

They feel that they are great, or grand.

They feel like they have special privileges, special rights, and entitlements,

They are empty on the inside, not able to get deep and be attentive.

They are conceited.

They can be very smudged, filled with themselves, and overbearing.

They are very arrogant with huge big headed egos.

They have a bad habit and out-of-control impulse toward being filled with rage.

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Please take very serious precautions while being involved with evil, wicked, mean, and hateful-spirited people.

Over time they will cause you to become very sick. Which can be very detrimental to your life, your health and your well-being.

I leave you with scripture from the Book of Romans Chapter 12 verse 18.

If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.

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