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A New Life Free From Toxic & Abusive Demons!

Hello to all of you wonderful people. My name is Debra and I am a person who realizes how important it is to provide information to help people to self-heal after being involved in toxic relationships with scheming, devious, manipulative, calculating abusive demonic characters.

It is very helpful as a part of your healing journey to be able to voice your pain about the injuries that have happened to you while being involved with abusive people.

If you are finding yourself feeling upset, disturb, angry, or negative, then you will need to add more quality time and effort into your daily spiritual practices in order to turn those negative emotions into healthy positive emotions.

Being steady and regular with very important spiritual practices that consist of meditation, praying, and chanting will provide your life, your mind, and your body with some amazing positive and healthy benefits. A steady daily spiritual routine will be a health benefit to your life.

If you are feeling irritable, short-tempered, uptight, or even abusive, then you are not spending enough quality time working into your daily life your spiritual routines.

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We must always realize that evil and satanic spirits are constantly at work looking to take unfair advantage of people especially those who have negative abusive behaviors, bad attitudes, and personality disorders.

All levels of the satanic, demonic spirits from Lucifer’s Kingdom of hell are designed to establish fights, warfare, disagreement, weakness, anxiety, and shakiness all across this Earth. These wicked and evil goblins, witches, sorcerers, warlocks, ghost, devils, tricks, and schemes are to kill, steal and destroy people, families, humanity, and our World.

Protect yourself from demonic and satanic energies by adding spiritual practices that will give you benefits for your mind, your body, your spirit, and your soul. Adding meditation, chanting, and prayers to your daily life will help to shield you from demonic possessions, demonic takeovers, and demonic attacks.

By adding a variety of spiritual practices into your daily life and being consistent in the quality and quantity of efforts you are doing in your spiritual growth and development you will be able to experience wonderful levels of happiness and blissfulness.

And you will surround yourself with security to safeguard yourself from the powerful and hellacious violence, abuse, and attacks from the pits of hell.

Making positive affirmations, statements, testimony, declarations is another very important spiritual practice that will provide more benefits to your mind, emotions, spirit, and soul.

I leave you wonderful people with a declaration.

We are deserving, we are valuable, we are precious enough to have a life that is filled with kind, caring, and loving people who are healthy for us. We have chosen to have a new life that is free from emotional, mental, and spiritually violently toxic, and abusive people.

Also a statement from the book of Psalm Chapter 106 verse 37
They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons.

I now have an account with Buy Me A Coffee where you can buy me a sandwich to support my work. I like sandwiches better than coffee.

I now have an account with Buy Me A Coffee where you can buy me a sandwich to support my work. I like sandwiches better than coffee.

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