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Innocent People Are Getting Hurt Everyday.

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

This commentary is on a You-Tube Video titled, How to Attract The Person You're Meant To Be With ❤️ | Ralph Smart

It was created by Ralph Smart. Ralph Channel is called Infinite Waters (Diving Deep). He is an Author and a Psychologist. Please copy and paste the link below in the address bar to view this video in full.

Published on June 16, 2020

It is very nice of you Ralph to give a very healthy solution to attracting your soul mate. What your grandmother states make total sense. Many people may not run across a person that blends well with their inner spirit and soul. So what they will do is settle for less than what would be a better soul connection.

And of course, settling for less than a person that they were meant to be with can cause all types of problems and troubles.

What I have noticed are so many people are ending up in toxic relationships with people that are abusive and may have Cluster B personality types. The Narcissist, the Sociopath, the Psychopath, the Borderline, the Antisocial and the Toxic Personalities are going to love- bomb a target in order to get their Narcissist Supply.

Also in today's society finding a safe person is becoming a challenge. Toxic personalities, abusive behaviors, disrespect, rudeness, discourtesy has become an epidemic all over this world.

Innocent people are getting hurt every day mostly due to a lack of knowledge about the abusive personality types and how to identify and avoid them.

This is a very inspirational video but everybody is so confused, nervous, and scared not knowing who to trust. Your You-Tube Channel can be a blessing to many who eyes are not opened to the tricky, sneaky, sly, slick and wicked Malignant Narcissist who will stop at nothing to get that Narcissist supply.

I hate when a person ends up being stuck in an abusive situation. Nowadays you have to also know about the dangers of being bamboozled by the love-bombing Narcissist.

Unfortunately, many people will put the majority of our spirit, attention, love, affections, and caring into our broken, unfit, and unhealthy relationships and only give small amounts of ourselves for the people that are kind and loving toward us. We need to stop this and do a major flip for our own good. (#good), (#spirit)

Thanks, Ralph for caring.