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The Malignant Narcissist Loves Pacifiers

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The You-Tube video that I will be doing a commentary on is created by Michele Lee Nieves on the You-Tube Channel. Michele is a Life Coach.

The Title is: Stop Pacifying Malignant Narcissists | Michele Lee Nieves

Please copy and paste the link below to watch the full video on Michele's You-Tube Channel.

Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay

Michele, You are doing a great service to all who are in need of hearing about the solutions on what to do about the evil and cruel Malignant Narcissist. You have got to be bringing back confidence, dreams, and promises to many of your viewers.

Playing games with the Abusers are the worse thing to do. If you are not getting any respect then they should not be in your life. It is that simple.

And it does not matter who they are or what title they are using. Don't be stuck in an abusive situation because of titles. If a person does not know or does not want to give you respect most of the time then it's time to end the head games. PERIOD! (#respect)

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

It is really sad when people are pacifying an abuser in order to protect themselves. After being tricked by an abuser for so many years you don't even realize that you are being abused. It is a vicious cycle that is never-ending. Imagine getting comfortable being abused by an abuser. (#sad) (#protect)

Those abusers are alarming. It's shocking and staggering how anyone has been able to survive from the cruel and brutal treatment that the abusers are dishing out. (#alarm)

It is not a pretty picture seeing and hearing all about the shattering lives of the many victims of the Secret Covert Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath, Stalking Religious Jim Jones, Harry Potter Witchcraft Occult here in Oxford, North Carolina. (#picture)

It's really messed up how this Kill, Steal, Destroy and Abuse Organization is receiving support and pacifiers from everywhere, and we the survivors are holding on for dear life praying for a safe and secure no contact strategy. (#survive)

Image by prettysleepy1 from Pixabay

It's not safe to express any negative emotions like feeling sad or feeling hurt around the abusers. Having compassion or empathy is an emotion that is not present within the soul of the abusers. This type of unhappy emotion will just land on deaf ears. As a matter of fact, you will likely end up being punished for expressing sad or distressing feelings. The abusers

will keep an abusive checklist to use that sadness or that hurt against you at a later.

Thanks for everything Michele until next time, Peace.