Be You

Hi! I’m Debra,

I am a Passionate Self-Care, Life Coach, Advocate, who is all about sharing thoughts, information, and research on everything healing, recovery, and restoration from toxic relationships that will add to making your days feel better. 


I am also the author of Exposing the Ugly Truth.  There is a link below to view the information and to consider purchasing this e-book on the left side of this page at Amazon.

The Elevate To Grow platform was designed by Debra to support you in your healing and recovery journey after toxic abusive relationships.  


Debra is a passionate advocate, supporter, author, educator on ALL types of abusive and toxic relationships.  

Debra's goal is to provide information for people to self-heal after being involved in toxic relationships with all types of personalities including the Psychopaths, the Narcissists, the Sociopath, the Borderline, the Anti-Social and any other scheming, devious, manipulative, calculating abusive characters. 

Debra is also on a healing and recovery journey away from toxic and abusive relationships.


This platform will allow me to continue to voice my pain from being abused and to also contribute information about my progress, my improvement, my success, my development as I will persist on studying, researching, learning, reading, healing and recovering.  

It is very comforting knowing that you are also connecting with me on this journey of the renewal, rebirth, restoration, rejuvenation of our hearts, mind, spirit, body, and soul. 
This channel is for informational ideas and all remarks about a person being an Abuser or a Narcissist, a Stalker, a Psychopath, a Sociopath, an Anti-Social, a Borderline, or a Cluster B personality types are designed entirely on my personal belief and conclusions.  

I am not a Doctor or a Mental Health Professional.  I am a caring, understanding, patient, concerned person who is dedicated to helping someone to defeat, conquer, and elevate and grow above the damage and the destruction from all types of abuse.


My personal healing and recovery journey consists of providing the vulnerable with steps towards self-care, self-love, self- healing, sharing, exposing, speaking, teaching, and learning.